UX Monday in February


We are back and glad to announce the new Projector meetup at UX Monday.

This time we'll cover the topic of design processes at start-ups and product companies. And we have two speakers which will help us with that.

The first speaker — Filip Kominik (Chief Design Officer at OAK'S LAB).
Filip's topic is 'The role of UX within the MVP build-out for startups'.
[We'll add the description soon].

After a short break we'll meet with Dmitry Kovalenko (Head of Product Design at Readdle), which will come from Berlin to tell us about work at the product company and will explain the difference by the case study from his life.
For a product to be successful a large number of different pieces of the puzzle must work properly. Starting from the place where people found out about your product and ending with helpful on-time support. One of such pieces is the registration flow and in particular checkout form that should bring high CTR.
However, nowadays online checkout processes are too complex and cannot be compared with the real-life cash payment. But they definitely can be better.
Based on the design of the checkout form I have made for our B2B platform Fluix, I will explain to you the decisions made at our particular case. You’ll learn the relationships and dependencies between fields, their input & visual constraints, and will hear a lot of insights about the way I’ve designed the form for Fluix.
This speech will be really practical and insightful for everyone, so keep your mind open and notes ready!

The entrance fee is 100 Kc* (pay at the event).
* - Free for UX Asociace members.

So, that's it.
We'll start at 18:00 with opening the gates. The first talk will start at 18:30. Don 't be late)))
Hope to see you on Monday (the 3rd of February).