Information Security meetup Brno

  Bezpečnost   Internet Security

Come to the very first Information Security meetup in Brno.

=== Talks ===

1. ROCA: Vulnerable RSA key generation | Petr Švenda

How we discovered ROCA (vulnerability in RSA keypair generation of Infineon
chips) impacting many devices including Slovak, Estonia and Spain eIDs and
how to scan the whole IPv4 HTTPS space to establish the popularity of
cryptographic libraries.

2. Why usual pentests suck? | Martin Žember

Pentesters have usually their hands tied by the customers themselves. How would it look if pentesters had a freedom to do a proper red team exercise and infiltrate company’s systems, e-mails and buildings?

----------------------- Short Break -----------------------

3. Security standards for startups | Jan Kubíček

Corporations are governed by processes and standards. Which of those should and will be relevant (and useful) for your startup? On ISO 27k and other well-meant documents.

4. Phish or not to phish | Jan Masarik

How to phish accounts with 2FA at scale and how to effectively protect yourself with a good password manager and U2F/FIDO2.

All talks will be in English.

Grab a beer with some new interesting people and get a chance to win Security Key in a competition afterwards!
All of it in a great atmosphere of the Nuclear Shelter 10-Z.

=== Speakers ===

Petr Švenda is a Security researcher, lecturer, javacard developer and active member of the CRoCS at FI MUNI.

Jan Masarik is a Platform Security Engineer @, regular CTF player and cyber-security student always curious in breaking things.

Martin Zember is a Pentester since 2007 and recently, he fell in love with red teaming and CTFs.

Jan Kubíček is CISO of Moneta Money Bank with more than 15 years of experience in IT.

=== Venue ===

This meetup will take place under the Špilberk in the nuclear shelter 10-Z. Entrance is free, but registration here is mandatory due to a limited capacity of a shelter.