Design Systems Meetup - September 2018

This is our first attempt to bring you meaningful design systems content on a regular monthly basis. Here comes the September edition!

Building full-proof design tokens to support’s visual identity - Luděk Vepřek (Front-end Developer,
Design tokens are an essential part of’s design system. In this talk, there is going to be introduced how design tokens help us to maintain consistency across different products. I will explain what their full potential is and how they allow us to change visual style from one centralized place.

Component-based Design and Development - Tereza Novotná (Interaction Designer, Red Hat), Dávid Halász (Software Engineer, Red Hat)
The technology behind the web frontend is changing and evolving rapidly. Into this chaos brings order the concept of WebComponents, a set of guidelines for enabling component-based web development. This talk introduces how we evolved from Bootstrap to CSS grid based design system.

Big thanks to our sponsors and Red Hat for making it all happen. The meetup will be in English.