Women in Design: Starting in UX


UX designers with different backgrounds will tell the stories of their career paths, answer your questions, and share their experiences of working in UX.

Nadya, once a graphic designer, is now a UX designer at Ataccama
Dee, once a full-stack developer, is now a UX designer at MSD
Zoe, once a UX designer, is now a product owner at MSD
Bela, once proud to be a Xmas officer, now a User Researcher at Moneta,
Tereza, once a librarian, now a User Researcher and UX Strategist at Moneta, 
Lucie, once a psychologist, now a User Researcher at MSD,
Denisa, once a frontend developer, now a Senior Product Designer in Seznam.

At the kick-off meeting, we discussed what we expect from this meetup. We were all interested in the stories of our fellow designers; how they became designers, how they got their first job, what tools they use, what challenges they face. Even though there’s a ton of information on the internet, maybe hearing the stories of people you know, have experiences similar to you, and who live in the same city, will be helpful too.

Come and share your story.

Not sure if you should come? 
Are you new to design or thinking about changing your career? Come 
Are you a student? Come
Are you not a designer but want to be a part of a community? Come
Do you want to bring your kids with you? Sure! Unfortunately, there won’t be any special “equipment” for kids, they should bring their own toys/tablets.

Do I have to be a woman to join the group or attend events?
No! This event is not exclusively for women. Our community is focused on giving women speaking opportunities, but we welcome support from the larger design and UX community.