Reverse debugging in .NET - Adam Kruszewski

  .NET Framework

Developers everywhere spend an inordinately large amount of their time looking for and fixing bugs in software. However, much like the sound of dial up internet connections, Netscape, and shareware cds, bug hunting will soon be a thing of the past now that Time Machine for .NET is has come to exist.

The workshop will take a specific error within software and solve it using the new invention. This will be slightly higher level technical information on debugging and will offer something new to even the most experienced of developers, while being very useful to everyone. Also, for more information about Time Machine for .NET here is the white paper:

Afterwards there will be a social event open to everyone interested in technology, startups and investors to connect on a friendly, casual level.

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Presentation will be in English

About the Speaker:
Adam Kruszewski has been passionate about programming since the 8 bit computer era, which is a while ago. He is fluent in several languages but only two of them can be used to communicate with fellow human beings. So yes, the Workshop will be conducted in English