UX meetup Brno: AI Insights for Designers


🌟 Join us for an enlightening exploration into the intersection of artificial intelligence and design at our upcoming event. Delve into the dynamic world of AI insights tailored specifically for designers, featuring two engaging topics.

Featured Talks:

  • AI for Designers by Jan Řezáč

  • Summary: Is it a good idea to use AI as a UX/SD/UI designer or researcher? How can it help me with my job? How will it impact my job? How will it impact products I am working on?

  • About Jan: Jan is the CEO of House of Řezáč and the author of the bestselling Web ostrý jako břitva. He teaches a cutting-edge course for designer-generalists called Strategický design.

  • How do we integrate AI in Kentico? by Matěj Heřman

  • About Matěj: He is a UX designer from Kentico with prior experience in web design freelancing as well as designing and scaling products in big tech companies.


  • 17:30 Refreshments and networking
  • 18:00 Talks start
  • 19:00 Refreshments and networking until 20:30

About Kentico: Kentico is an award-winning provider of digital experience platforms that help companies improve their customers’ digital experience. Content management, digital marketing, commerce—you name it. We build our clear future vision on years of development and customer feedback. Kentico has more than 500 digital solution partners and powers over 90,000 websites across 120 countries.