UX Meetup Brno: Woo with your portfolio – a design critique


The event will benefit both the candidates and the hiring managers who must review their portfolios. It's a win-win 🚀✨

  • If putting together a case study for your portfolio has ever been a challenge, this event is for you.
  • If you've ever felt frustrated reading poorly structured portfolios, this event is for you.

Synopsis We’ll focus this event practically and create ample opportunity for us to critique your portfolios and case studies. We invite you to volunteer for that and submit your work before the event.

Pavel will briefly introduce what a hiring manager looks for when reviewing your portfolio, the common pitfalls of product & UX designer portfolios, and the minimum but powerful structure to put in place when constructing a portfolio and its case studies.

We’ll soon move to interactively critiquing the portfolios of a few people in the room. Like this, we'll help each other proudly present the work that showcases what we can do, increasing our chances of wooing a hiring manager who will consider us for their open roles.

Submit your portfolio (optional) Would you be interested in submitting your portfolio for feedback? This would enable Pavel to review it in advance. If so, please provide a link in the event comments section. Thank you!

Pavel Hamřík My most recent tenure was with Productboard, where I went with the company from series A to series D, saw it grow from 50 people to 500, then shrink back to under 300 again, and take its revenue from a few million to several dozen. It’s where I graduated from a product designer over a design manager to the head of design in the interim, finding that a place in design leadership suits me.

I brought several designers on board as a hiring manager, helped establish our ways of working, and kept them relevant & fresh in an ever-changing startup environment.

Before that, I led product development at Figure, a challenger point-of-sale startup, where I built the team from the ground up to about a dozen when I left three years later. I’m proudly witnessing the company alive and kicking years after.

Currently in the process of understanding what ‘good design’ is, making steady progress, and realizing it’s mostly not what you see on the internet. Let’s talk about it.

Can’t wait to meet y’all.

Location 📍 We'll meet in Brno Expat Centre on Orlí 3, Brno (2nd floor - use the elevator or stairs on the right). The room capacity is 30 seats.

Refreshments Yes! 🥪🥤 No alcohol though, you're gonna have to wait till we go to a nearby pub afterwards.


  • TBD

Come, and let's share tips on enhancing the portfolios of job-seeking UX designers. 💡🤝