Design Digest: How Does Lean UX Enhance Designer Agility?


Dear Agile and Design Enthusiasts,

Welcome to the “Design Digest” – an exclusive opportunity to delve deep into the world of user experience books with hands-on experiences. Join us for an engaging discussion about the 3rd edition of the Lean UX book. This meetup is designed to bring together professionals interested in Agile methodologies and design thinking to explore the concepts and practical applications of Lean UX.

This session will adopt a hybrid format, allowing participants the flexibility to either join us in person or virtually, ensuring accessibility to all.

Link to the event: Microsoft Teams Agenda:

  • 17:40 Introduction to Lean UX and the Lean UX Canvas
  • 18:00 Hands-on activity using the Lean UX Canvas
  • 19:00 Q&A and networking session

Participants will engage in a hands-on activity, offering them the unique opportunity to apply Lean UX principles to real-world scenarios. This experiential learning approach promises to enhance your UX design skills and deepen your understanding of effective canvas utilization. Meet Your Hosts:

  • Elham: A UX designer at SAP, Elham hosts this series of events. Each session features a UX book discussion, complemented by expert-led hands-on activities, aimed at delving deeper into the nuances of each book. Elham will present a summary of the Lean UX book, setting the stage for an enriching exploration.

  • Dominika, your co-host for the meet-up! She is experienced Agile practitioner, who made the transition from a technical project management role in 2018. With experience working with companies like Red Hat and Oracle, she brings tons of process knowledge to the table. But Dominika isn't just about improving processes; she's the go-to person for all things agile and fun. She has been actively involved in planning events for Women in Agile Europe and the Women in Agile Mentorship Program 2024.

We encourage you to watch the video on "How to Use the Lean UX Canvas" prior to the meetup, as it will provide valuable context for our discussion.