IxDD Brno 2021: Solidarity & Transformation

World Interaction Design Day is an annual event where we come together as a united global community to show how interaction design improves the human condition.

This year we’ll look into topics: TRANSFORMATION AND SOLIDARITY - which are in the context of the global IXDD closely linked to the pandemic situation.
We’ll focus mainly on the concept of: Design in the Background - the areas most affected by covid events - such as education, healthcare, and travel. These have undergone the greatest transformations, but people still know little about all the changes, that happened, challenges overcome, the initiatives and projects created and what they are trying to achieve.

Following these topics, you’ll be able to meet and chat with a group of inspiring people from mentioned above areas and take a lot of valuable insights and ideas away with you.
Also, you’re welcome to enjoy drinks and food with us during the program :)

*Admission fee is VOLUNTARY
(There will be QR codes and cash points in the area and the proceeds will go to our partner NGOs)

This time we’ll meet in-person for an offline event 🤩

➡️ Necessary covid measures:
we'll check your confirmation of: vaccination against covid 19/ PCR test not older 7 days/ antigen test not older 48 hours/ evidence of having contracted covid in the last 180 day + we'd like to ask you to wear a mask inside.
17:00. Doors open
18:00 Official IXDD introduction + short intro from our venue host
18:15 - 18:45 Anežka Muller - "Učíme online", Česko Digital
CoffeeCupcake break
18:55 - 19:25 BlankaOtakar - "VČAS app project and prevention", Loono
CoffeeCupcake break
19.35 - 20:05 To Be Announced excellent speaker
20:05 - free networking time + edu-point with practical prevention displays from Loono experts

+ we can move to the bar together afterwards 🍹

⭐ all talks are English only
1. Česko Digital - Project “Učíme online” fights for educational transformations
by Anežka Muller, Project Support Coordinator, Česko.Digital

Učíme online is a voluntary project managed by Česko.Digital, a community of top developers, designers, and production people who want to use their free time to help state and non-governmental organisations and make Czechia a better place to live.

The original mission of this project was to help schools, teachers, parents and students to make the most of the remote education possibilities through technology. The current goal is to be a long-term driving force in the transformation of Czech education.

Anežka will walk you through the history and future of this project and what they have accomplished during their journey.


2. Loono - All about prevention and VČAS app design story
by Blanka Majnušová, Managing Director, and Otakar Hypš, Product Designer

Loono is the non-profit organisation, which focuses on educating the general public in the field of health and prevention and Blanka leads it on its mission. She has wide experience in the public health sector and has been with Loono for almost three years. First as a business developer and now as a director.

Otakar is a freelance designer helping organisations define new products, improve services and provide better user experience. He proudly contributes to the good cause of Loono's mission by leading a team of designers working on their app.

Blanka and Oto will share with you Loono goals, its’ journey and accomplishments for past years, especially will talk about their new community mobile app VČAS, that is going to disrupt the area where health insurance companies are failing. Long-term, the app should become a hub for evidence-based knowledge of health related topics as well as a personalised motivator guiding the users toward improvements in their daily habits.

💥 As a bonus, thanks to Loono we’ll be able to chat with their dedicated educators about prevention and broaden our horizons even more.


3. Third story and tips by another awesome speaker - TBA soon 💪