Projector design meetup #14

Hello, dear friends.
You thought that we disappeared but not. Sorry for the delay, had a lot of stuff to do but here we are again.

And we like online so much so let's meet again there.

This time we'll talk with two interesting speakers about communications in the design.

The first speaker — Alex Martynov (manager at Barclays CZ, certified coach). His topic will be 'User Research: Communication Aspects'.
Listening and asking questions are the skills used most during the research. You are after the insights from another person. So you need to be fully receptive to what they share. You need to ask incisive questions that will help you unearth high-quality information.
But, on average, people are lousy at that. We are bad listeners, we hardly know how to ask good questions. And no wonder. In schools, we learned how to read and write. Not how to listen and ask questions.
In this talk, we will consider the major communication blunders that can derail your research and how to overcome them.

After the short break, we'll meet with Rodion Sorokin (Strategic Designer, Partner at DOT ___ DOT).
His topic will be 'Small Data: Discovering human stories to create better experiences'.
Many companies are obsessed with Big Data - large amounts of information about the business, users, and their interactions. Statistics help us make some improvements to existing products but rarely help us design better experiences.
Design is about stories. When people interact with objects, interfaces, or services, new stories appear. So how can we use the power of discovering stories to create better experiences for people?
I will share my insights on how ethnographic research, interviews, and service safaris can help us uncover stories that empower better design.

So, let's meet on the 7th of July at 19:00.
We'll send ZOOM link to all attendees who booked the spot here.
Keep healthy.