Projector design meetup #13


Hey there.
Here we are again. And again we will meet online.

So, this time we'll listen to two talks connected to both design and copywriting because we are sure that designers should know much more than just the best practices of moving pixels or even doing researches.


The first talk will do Marina Zhender (UX writer at Ataccama).
Have you ever struggled with trying to find “the correct” words for your design? I will try to give you a couple of hints that can solve your problems depending on the aim of your text. First, we will define what is a “strong text” in UX and how to actually use its 10 principles on real examples. Then we will go through a few approaches, which I personally find quite useful in my work, on how to test your writing: how “clearly readable” is your text.

After the short break, we'll e-meet with Matous Roskovec (Creative Lead at Avocode). His topic is 'Experimental approach to writing web content and UI'.
How do you know that your copy is good? How can you be sure that it resonates with your audience? That it compels them to do a particular action? How do web copy, UI microcopy, and email copy shape the UX perception of your product? And how to let writers edit design copy without manipulating your design? If you’re ready to challenge the way you’re thinking about design copy, you might want to hear this. Practical takeaways guaranteed.

Does it look interesting?
If yes, please book a [virtual] spot here to let us understand how many people will be online.
And we'll e-meet on the 27th of April (Monday).
We'll send the link before the conference.