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Presentation will be in English

Karel Zikmund - Async demystified
Abstract: https://sessionize.com/s/karel-zikmund/async_demystified/24175
Length: 60 min
Bio: https://sessionize.com/s/karel-zikmund/async_demystified/24175

Hugh Eland - Modern Web Accessibility
Abstract: Raising level of abstraction of web components to help make websites accessible for the visually impaired
Length: 10m
Bio: Hugh Eland, Principal Engineering Manager, Microsoft Teams. I have failed on just enough Accessibility based projects to get an idea of what I don't know about Accessibility. As we learn from our experiences we're keen to share what we've found, so others can shorten their own journey.

Josef Sin - Automate everything you can
Abstract: Automation as one of the key principles for successful DevOps.
Length: 20-30m
Bio: Josef is a full-stack senior engineer with passion for scalable architectures, automation, data driven decisions and mentoring. As a software engineer at Skype, he's working on wide scale of different projects and initiatives, currently mostly connected to Commerce and Monetization.

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