UXcited Prague — product design conference


One very hands-on conference on product design.

We bring top UX designers together and ask them to show real cases they’ve worked on. Each speech is packed with numbers, detailed analytics and real solutions that work.

Explicit. Honest. Wickedly practical.

We are excited about useful, functional and beautiful interfaces. We are excited about people using them. We are all UXcited — join in!


Special guest Guillermo Torres — Airbnb Product Designer, ex-Google, Adobe.
The journey from consumer to business design.
As designers, we have standardized methods that help us create great experiences, but sometimes understanding the context makes all the difference. Ask a designer about B2C design and B2B design and most people will approach it the same way. In this talk, I'd like to share our journey for shifting company culture to think away from designing for consumers and find the best ways of creating amazing experiences for businesses.

Běla Beránková — UX Researcher with a marketing background.
Overcoming user research constraints.
5 cases that will cover getting buy-in in the corporate environment, engaging the team to get in touch with their users, finding the right respondents and dealing with some other specific research issues.

Yurii Vetrov — Ex-Design Director at Mail.ru Group.
Design Management Patterns.
My company took a long way to become mature in design, starting from a pretty sad state. I want to share our approach with you, so you can speed up changes in product and organizational design or start these changes. It's a long-term strategy based on repeatable design management methods.

Xhevi Qafmolla — Independent UI/UX designer.
Delivering better user experience by breaking conventions.
In this talk I will describe the redesign process of Equa bank mobile app and the principles that we followed to deliver a customer-centric mobile banking application that breaks the conventions of the financial industry. I will share some lessons learned during this process, about what worked for us and what didn't and how we turned the odds of a small team with a big task into our favour.

Yegor Gilyov — UX Director at Wrike.
5 steps towards the new navigation experience.
As the product grows, new challenges arise. What is excellent for a specialized tool, doesn't work for a versatile platform. What is good for groups of dozens of users is not suitable for big enterprises. How might we update the navigation experience to answer the new challenges and do not harm people who enjoy the product for years?


October 12, 10:00 - 17:00, Na Valentince 3336/4,[masked] Praha 5

Regular price — 1200 CZK.
Price for Asociace UX members (the code will be delivered via email) — 900 CZK.

Poplatek: from 900 CZK