Projector design meetup #11


Hey there!

We didn't see you for so long time. It's our bad, sorry.
But here we are to invite you to our next meetup which will happen at SEMrush CZ office.

Let us introduce the first speaker.
Igor Goncharov (UX designer in the past, now Product Owner at SEMrush CZ). Igor will tell about practical cases which he had with a digital product, and the UX team was dealing with. Some of them have a great result, some of them failed. He will go into depth, share the expectations, details, and facts. So, its' gonna be a quite useful talk, based on real cases.

After a short break Oleksii Ponomarenko (Product designer at MSD) will come to tell about partial car automation: trap for drivers.
What will it be about?
Level 1-3 automates and assists with some scenarios originally performed by drivers. Fragmented mental models and changes in driver behavior create new safety risks. Similar risks were previously encountered with the introduction of autopilot in aviation. Can we learn from aviation?

Quite interesting, isn't it?

So, see you at SEMrush on the 15th of October.
And don't forget to book a spot here