Projector UX meetup #10


Hey. Here we are again.
This time we'll meet at small but sooooo cozy office. We mean Avocode office.
And as usual we'll be listening to two amazing speakers.

Jan Vu Nam — Head of Design at Avocode, will tell us about 3 common mistakes in Product design and ways how to learn from them.
"From the past 12 years of designing digital products, I'd like to highlight 3 things I learned personally, that improved me as designer and helped me in a transition from just a Junior designer, to a position where my work has an impact I would never imagine."

And then Ivana Kolcunova — User Experience Researcher at LMС, will tell us about UX case how did LMC changed job-market and about people behaviour through innovations, UX design and researches.

Feel free to book a spot. There are not so many of them this time.
See ya!