Projector UX meetup #9


Hey. Here we are again.
We want to invite you to our next meetup. This time it will happen by the productboard support.

The first speaker will be Zdenek Kuncar - Product Designer productboard.
Zdenek will talk about Feature lifecycle.
Having a clear understanding of your user's needs gives product teams a great advantage to make the right decisions. However, it’s not very clear how to continuously learn from your users and use those learnings to make decisions in a product organization.
Zdenek will share an example of how through continuous discovery the team has turned ideas into features that productboard customers love using.

After a short pause for a beer we'll listen to Denis Rojčyk - product designer
We'll talk about quite interesting product topic — How to redesign without anyone to notice?
Big redesigns, while generally improving the experience, are usually presented with a big bang as huge revolutions. But since these are so sudden they often confuse the users. In this talk we’ll take a look at how we redesigned our mobile apps, … without anyone noticing.

Interesting? Don't hesitate to book a spot