Projector UX meetup #7


Hi there.
We are ready to invite you to our next meetup. This time it will be soooo cool. Why? First of all, there will be a lot of cool people to talk to. Second, we'll meet again in EPAM Czech Republic cozy office. And last but not least, this time we'll have so interesting topics.

So, the first speaker is not a designer o_O
Don't close the page, please! Now we'll explain.
Mostly we work a lot with so many people every day. PMs, POs, developers, clients... And all of them are part of the team so we need to know their vision of the same product.
Kirill Shilin (Lead Software Engineer at EPAM Czech Republic) will talk about applying of material design to (web) applications.
Also Kirill's talk will include brief history and evolution of Material Design, reveal the Material design specification docs and its main aspect, key material concepts and ideas, demonstrating how to apply to modern web development with examples, will show how to use material component libraries, also will talk a little about material-related fonts and material design icons.

And then we'll talk about... wait-wait-wait... AR!
Lucie Jančová and Petr Slavík (designers at AR & VR studio BRAINZ) are going to introduce you a case study of an augmented reality app for people with diabetes.
They will walk you through AR usability issues they had to address as well as struggles converting cartoon character into AR model.

BTW. After event we'll go to drink some drinks without ties. So, don't plan something after if you want to join.

So, don't hesitate to register.