Projector UX meetup #6


Hi there.
We are ready to invite you to our next meetup.

This time we'll meet at Veeam Geek Hub office.
And this time won't be an exception and we'll listen to two great guests.

The first speaker will be Nikita Shestakov who is a Senior Analyst Product Management at Veeam software.
Nikita will present one UX case of changes in Veeam ONE.
Veeam ONE Reporter is being redesigned from the scratch in the upcoming product version. The session will cover why and what was changed during the redesign process. Information about user feedback and usability tests will also be provided.
Cool enough, yeah?

The second speaker will be Anfisa Bohomolova, UX freelancer, ex-product Designer at Columbery.
Her topic will be 'How to find clients, sell and manage UX design process remotely'.
"During the last 6 years, I’ve done around 40 UX design projects remotely.
I’ve never had clients from Ukraine or any place I lived at.
I’ve also never worked from Freelance platforms such as Upwork or similar.
My business model is Networking!
It’s notoriously known that UI design and IT development is possible to manage remotely.
But is it the same for UX design?
I’m going to uncover whether it’s possible to do a proper UX study online on foreign language among different mentalities on the Projector meetup."

We definitely can promise you that we'll have cozy atmosphere and nice people around.
Also, don't plan something after the meetup because we'll book a table at some nearest nice place to drink and talk without ties.

Mostly that's it.
Don't forget to book a place.
And see you soon!