Projector UX meetup #5


Hello, dear UX friends.

We came back with a new cool event.
This time we'll meet at SinnerSchrader's office.

And again we'll listen to two incredible speakers.

The first speaker will be Dmitry Romanovski — founder of SprintUX.
Dmitry will tell about Design Sprint 2:0 as a solving issue of big problems in 4 days.
Design Sprint is a framework developed by Google Ventures for validating new ideas and solving big challenges in less than a week.
It helps to save time and money, reduce risks, and secure buy-in from investors or stakeholders.
Based on the best practices of Agile, Design Thinking, and Lean this highly adaptable methodology helped Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies to innovate and launch multi-million dollar products across industries.
During the presentation, you will learn about the Design Sprint 2.0: the most up-to-date, semi-official, and improved version of the methodology.

And then after the break, we'll listen to Martin Gassner — managing director ar SinnerSchrader.
Martin will tell how to get to transformational products and product designers.
Former Telefonica CEO Thorsten Dirks once said, "When you digitize a shitty process, then you've got a shitty digital process." In the last 30 years, that's usually been the rule. "Digitalization" was more of an "electrification", an IT-driven internal view of companies. The needs of the users, unfortunately, remained outside. The incredible success of the Digital Pure Player, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple (GAFA), shows that this can be done differently. They develop transformational products that change people's behavior and have set the standard for what users expect from digital products and services today. No matter in which industry. What is behind "Transformational Products" and what role does the "Product Designer" play?

Don't forget to register, please.
And see you.