Slack & Meetup Prague

We're teaming up with Slack to bring you their speakers and share our best practices with using the tool. Join us to hear talks from:

Radha Kumari, Operations Engineer at Slack
Leila Tanayeva, Enterprise Account Manager for CEE at Slack
Bence Nagy, Senior Developer at

–> Radha Kumari, Operations Engineer at Slack – Service Discovery at Slack scale
Abstract: This session is going to be about how we do Service Discovery at Slack, how we scaled from 100 to 1,000 to 10,000 nodes, challenges and lessons learnt.
About Radha: Currently an Operations Engineer, responsible for Service Discovery at Slack. I'm a Linux enthusiast and an opensource advocate, passionate about developing, scaling and automating distributed systems. Apart from computers, I love eating and adding more stars on world map!

–> Leila Tanayeva, Enterprise Account Manager for CEE at Slack – Slack and a Culture of Innovation
Abstract: It all started in 2009 with a computer game and today Slack is the fastest growing business application and the darling of the investors with 7.1 billion valuation. On a mission to make people's work lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive, Slack builds products that help people collaborate. I will introduce Slack as a product and as a company and talk about what we know about innovation and how we think about it at Slack.
About Leila: I have been with Slack for 3 months now and my mission is to help large companies in Central and Eastern Europe to streamline their communication with Slack. Prior to Slack, I worked at LinkedIn and at Oracle, where I focused on helping clients adopt new technology for better performance. Outside of work, I teach yoga and grow organic tomatoes.

–> Bence Nagy, Senior Developer at – Better Developer Experience via Building for Slack
The Platform team at has the mission to help our engineers create ‘better software, faster,’ and building custom tooling on top of Slack provides lots of opportunities for quick developer productivity wins. Better yet, turns out we’re doing a fairly nice job at building them! What could be better then, than to come tell the world about all we learned so far?
I’ll talk about how you can identify what tools you can create, which ones you should actually create, and how to actually design that app so that it elegantly solves your problem and gets adopted by your team.
About Bence: And just so you know who you’re considering committing to listen to for half an hour: Bence is leading the Software Platform squad at After the talk, you should totally ask him for video game recommendations. He’s also been mockingly called names such as ‘Slack Police’, and at this event, for the first time ever, that’s actually not such a bad title to have!