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E2E Testing with Cypress

Testing is hard. End-to-end testing is really hard. But have you ever wondered if maybe our tools are the ones to blame? What if we could completely rethink testing tools to be fast, useful and effective? Let me show you how to quickly test any web application using Cypress.io - a modern open source test runner designed to make you more productive. Don't believe the hype? Come see a Cypress demo for yourself and prepare to be amazed.

presentation will be suitable for people who tried to test a modern web application using existing tools like Selenium and WebDriver and quickly ran into hard problems. But even if you have only done unit testing in JavaScript you will be able to write end-to-end tests after this presentation.

Gleb Bahmutov is JavaScript ninja, image processing expert and software quality fanatic. During the day Gleb is making the web a better place as VP of Engineering at Cypress.io. At night he is fighting software bugs and blogs about it at https://glebbahmutov.com/blog/. Microsoft MVP for Open Source Software. You can follow him and his work @bahmutov and find the slides from conference presentations at https://slides.com/bahmutov.



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