Prague PostgreSQL Meetup ()


Hello PostgreSQL lovers,

We are happy to announce our 5th meetup of 2018! We will have the first talk in English and the second talk in Czech. You can join either one or both of the talks as you prefer.

• 18:00 Welcome talk
• 18:15 Markus Winand - How PostgreSQL’s SQL dialect stays ahead of its competitors [ENG]
• 19:00 Coffee Break
• 19:15 Tomas Vondra - PostgreSQL vs. fsync [CZ]
• 20:00 Closing

How PostgreSQL’s SQL dialect stays ahead of its competitors [ENG]
PostgreSQL has the best support of standard SQL features among its competitors. But the two free main competitors (MySQL and MariaDB) have recently started to embrace modern SQL too and closed some of the major gaps they have had for decades: Window functions (OVER) and common table expressions (CTEs, WITH) are now supported by both, MySQL and MariaDB. MariaDB even rushes ahead by adding so-called “system versioned tables” in version 10.3 released in May 2018.

This presentation provides an overview of how PostgreSQL keeps up being the most advanced open source database. I will present some interesting features introduced to PostgreSQL recently but also give an outlook to features that are (hopefully) coming with PostgreSQL 11 and beyond.

PostgreSQL vs. fsync [CZ]
A couple of months ago the PostgreSQL community discovered that fsync (on Linux and some BSD systems) may not work the way we thought it's working for many years, with possibly disastrous consequences. I'll walk you through fsync basics, explain the misunderstanding, impact on current PostgreSQL systems, and outline some plans for addressing it properly in the future.

• Important to know

We go out for drinks/dinner after the meetup and you can register yourself here (until 29th of July) if you would like to join us:

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