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ReasonML and GraphQL-The future of frontend and backend development

>>We'll discuss the origin, advantage, and also challenges of ReasonML.
>>How to incrementally adopt Reason today in your day-to-day work
>>How GraphQL solves the biggest challenge Reason and Reason-like languages (or Elm, Haskell, etc.)

One of the biggest challenges faced in closed-systems like Reason (or Elm, Haskell, etc.) is interacting with the outside world,and in today's world, every application must interact with the outside world in the form of APIs.
The interaction and combination of GraphQL's type system with Reason's bridges the gap, to bring both speedy and safe application development to reality today.

Sean Grove, globally experienced conference speaker. Avid reason fan working with React, Clojure/script, Rust, GraphQL & ofc Reason. Founder of OneGraph, tool unifying all relevant API under one graphQL roof.

ReasonML combines a solid foundation of OCaml with
its 22 years of academic insight and industrial fortification, and a modern developer experience, tooling, and syntax that deeply mimics that of JavaScript (including JSX support), creating a powerhouse of full-stack technologies.


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