Design With Ethics in Mind (Prague)


Have you ever though about what impact will your design decisions have on your users lives or maybe even on a whole society? Lets find out in three hand-picked talks from recent events (Interaction '18, TED) about ethics in design so you can see where your design decisions can lead to... and it's not always good.

Talks are in English with English subtitles but what language will you use in discussion is up to you :-)

The event will take place in the same time in Prague (this event) and in Brno (

The Oppenheimer Moment by Allan Cooper from Interaction '18
49 min + 10 min discussion

We're building a dystopia just to make people click on ads by Zeynep Tufekci from TED 2017
22 min + 10 min discussion

Humanity-Centered Design by Ruth Kikin-Gil from Interaction '18
36 min + discussion until the end (maybe with beer in hand in some pub around)

Looking forward to meet and discuss with you
Nadya Tsech, Honza Toman, Jirka Sekera and Tom Kubina