Prague Embedded Systems Workshop 2018

  Bezpečnost   Hardware

The workshop PESW 2018 addresses emerging issues, hot problems, new solution methods, and their hardware and software implementations in the fields of digital and mixed-signal system design. It is especially focused on dependable and low power design, and testing methods related to the SoC technology and modern embedded applications. The workshop topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Programmable/re-configurable/adaptable architectures
  • SoC and NoC design and testing
  • Digital design optimization methods
  • Architectures and hardware for security applications
  • On-line and off-line error detection and correction
  • Fault-tolerant control systems design methods
  • Testability and reliability analysis
  • Logic synthesis and optimization
  • Diagnosis & testing of embedded systems
  • Verification of embedded systems
  • Mission-critical & real-time systems
  • Heterogeneous Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Robotic control
  • Applications of (embedded) digital systems

Special Session on Network Security:

  • Algorithms and methods for anomaly detection
  • Network monitoring and measurements
  • Network traffic processing and analysis
  • Security and privacy issues
  • Security issues of Internet of Things