Goodness Squad JS Brno #1


we want to introduce you first JavaScript Goodness Squad event in Brno. The idea is totally simple, we are going to have fun and also to make something good for open source community. Shortly speaking, it is 10 hour of fixing bugs with energetics and good company. Also you can learn interesting things about JavaScript and how open source work.
There are only two requirements: your enthusiasm to learn something new and at least beginner's knowledge about JavaScript.
If you maintainer of some JS open source project and interesting in it, please, write to us.

List of project:

- oVirt Web UI: UI for virtualization management platform.
Maintainers: Bohdan Iakymets and Jakub Niedermertl

- GNOME: Various GNOME based JavaScript apps such as:
GNOME-Shell, GNOME Maps, GNOME Weather, Polari (IRC
client), Sound Recorder…
Maintainers: Felipe Borges and Carlos Soriano

There is room only for 30 people, so if you to take a part in this event, please, fill the form:

We want thanks to Red Hat for place and food =)