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Image Search @ - Lukáš Vrábel

Abstract: is, among other things, a major player on the search engine market in the Czech Republic. A few years ago, we switched our image search service from a third-party provider to our own in-house solution. It started as a simple modification of our fulltext search engine. But, over time, it has gradually developed into a standalone system.
This talk will be focused on the evolution of the search, the obstacles we faced and the solutions we implemented. We'll briefly discuss the models, machine learning techniques and features that are used in the image search pipeline. The focus will mostly be on our investigation into deep learning in order to further improve the relevancy of the system.

Lukáš has industry experience with various machine learning tasks ranging from NLP through web page analysis to image recognition. Formerly a head of research department at, he is currently solving the world's largest industry problems using AI and machine learning at CEAI.

Language: English

- Talk
- Discussion
- Networking (Impact HUB)

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