Language Hack 2017

  AI   Machine learning a Moravia IT přivezou prvotřídní technologie, aby vznikl vícejazyčný obsah, který překoná veškeré jazykové bariéry. Otestujte si své programátorské skilly!

Come learn and test your programming skills in our two-day Hackathon! Organised by and Moravia IT, we’ll cover groundbreaking and disruptive new technologies that help drive multilingual content and break language barriers.

What are we talking about?

🔑 Machine translation—customised engines that automate translations. Think Google Translate or Bing Translator.
🔑 Natural language processing—the ability of a computer program to understand human speech as it's spoken. Speech-to-text and speech recognition are examples of NLP.
🔑 Machine learning—artificial intelligence (AI) computer programs that can access data, use it, and learn from it… without being programmed.
🔑 Chatbots—software used within a messenger service (like Facebook) that automates tasks such as making a dinner reservation, setting an alarm, adding an appointment to your calendar, or finding and sharing news.

Global players like Microsoft, Apple, and Google are bringing together AI, deep learning, and machine translation to offer seamless multilingual products and services to businesses and customers worldwide.

Sound exciting?

Join us to learn more and get hands-on experience in these innovative technologies.