Xperience By Design 2017


By Design Conference introduces

Xperience By Design Conference will host leading UX & product designers from Facebook, Google, Spotify, Artsy, Stripe, Ustwo and Supersense.


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  • Austin Bales, Director of Product Design at Facebook is preparing his talk just for us. Stay tuned. /US
  • Annina Koskinen, Director of Design at Spotify will talk about her framework that helps teams ship with impact. /FI
  • Robert Lenne, Head of product at Artsy and ex-IDEO will talk about the (self-)education of a product designer. /SE
  • Josh Lovejoy, Machine Intelligence UX Designer at Google & ex-Amazon Shopping UX Designer will talk about human-centered machine learning. /US
  • Mans Adler, Tech Director at Ustwo will dive deep into the 'experience prototyping’ process of ustwo. /SE
  • Nina Mehta, Product Designer at Stripe will talk about why designers should fall in love with problems, not solutions. /US
  • Florian Kaps, founder of Supersense, the all analog retail laboratory will tickle all your senses and carefully remind you that you are still all analog. /AT

Poplatek: 250 EUR