XML Prague 2018

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XML Prague 2018, February 8–10

a conference on markup languages and data on the web

In  its  twelfth  year,  XML  Prague  is  a  conference  on  XML  for  developers, markup  geeks,  information  managers,  and  students.  XML  Prague  focuses  on
markup and semantic on the Web, publishing and digital books, XML technologies for Big Data and recent advances in XML technologies. The conference provides  an  overview  of  successful  technologies,  with  a  focus  on  real  world application versus theoretical exposition.

The conference takes place at the campus of University of Economics  in  Prague.  XML  Prague  2018  is  jointly  organized  by  the non-profit organization XML Prague, z.s. and by the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, University of Economics in Prague.

The full program of the conference is broadcasted over the Internet allowing  XML  fans,  from  around  the  world,  to  participate on-line.