IoT Garage Prague #6

We would like to invite you to the first IoT Garage in Prague!

IoT Garage is a regular *punk* meetup for Internet of Things and Open Hardware fans and enthusiasts.

IoT Garage Prague is happening regularly once per month at the same date (every second Wednesday of a month) and place (Juicymo HQ).

It is a place where you can come and play or tinker with Open Hardware or Internet of Things. A place where you can discover, learn or explore new things and technologies.

You do not need to have any previous knowledge or you can be a hardware or software guru.

You can bring your own project and discus it or continue its development. Or you can come and find out what that strange Arduino or RaspberryPi is all about.

We have some robots which need some programming love. We have some lonely Arduinos and Raspies which desire to be connected and plugged into some cool project. We have a (Open Hardware!) 3D printer which can give life to cases of your projects.

We do not sell anything and entire IoT Garage is a non-profit effort meant to spread the knowledge about the wonderful world of Open Hardware and Internet of Things - while having great fun doing so.

IoT Garage is organized by GDG Prague with the responsible organizer Tomáš Jukin (there is a team behing IoT Garage Prague, but when something is not right, Tom is here to be blamed :-D). IoT Garage Prague is proudly supported by Juicymo to which we thanks for gadgets and space.

IoT Garage is a "Open Source Event" (heavily inspired by the successful GDG Garage event series invented by Filip Hráček) - which means that we encourage you to fork us! Feel free to ask us about any information regarding the organization of our event.

IoT Garage is intended to be small regular event (space capacity is 15 people).

And yes we plan some bigger IoT and Open Hardware hackathons in future!