ML Meets Machine

  Machine learning

ML meets the Machine

Speakers: Lukáš Hudec, AI Architect @ Cognexa, Marek Šebo, Founder & Solution Designer @ Cognexa

Abstract: We will talk about building industrial inspection robots, which can detect defects that can be located anywhere on the surface and also within industrially produced goods. And discuss challenges such as:

  • How to run deep-learning-based detection on tens or hundreds of overlapping and fuzzy high-resolution images, returning a single ground truth
  • Which evaluation metrics really matter, and which don’t
  • How to integrate the AI system with the mechanics of a machine and also how to boost the detection accuracy by tuning optics
  • Best practices for including assisted annotation in the otherwise lengthy annotation process
  • How to prevent misdetections caused by optical artefacts, and how to detect almost invisible defects

Program: 17:30 Welcome chat 18:00 Talk 18:50 Discussion 19:10 Networking (Impact Hub)

There will be stream running on Facebook. You can join HERE.

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