November DevOps Meetup


Hello doers,

we are meeting after long time in person.

Build of container images in the “cloud native” CI pipelines
by Martin Odstrcilik from Labyrinth labs

* We will have a look at how container images can be build in the CI environment running in Kubernetes cluster, what are common approaches, its upsides, downsides and alternatives

Continuous deployment for long-running processes with
by Vaclav Broz (https://www.linkedin....) from Pumpitup

* Continuous deployment works well for stateless presentation layer, a bit less for stateless backends and usually not well for stateful backend components and it’s rather a nightmare for stateful backend components handling long-running processes and integration flows. With, an open-source platform combining several great ideas, we were able to completely reverse the mindset and we have full CICD with 10 minutes time to market of any fix/change and we even run some tests first on production without fearing losing states and break business processes. This is going to be a small introduction to the concept of long-running workflows as native code with several DevOps principles in-built: • Excellent visibility • Ability to change logic almost on-the-fly • Decoupling of the business logic from any issues related to release management • All as native code, allowing fully standard git-like collaboration for any developer even without too much specific skills The presentation will combine: • Platform architecture • Organisational aspects – allowing a very decentralised approach • Short coding deep-dive – examples