Prague DevOps meetup online (November)


Hello doers,

The forth online DevOps meetup is here and we are ready to welcome all DevOps enthusiasts, from Prague or elsewhere.
The structure of the session will be one main talk. And of course space for any interaction from your side.

1st topic is brought by Tomáš Plešek, Engineering Manager at Ataccama

Breaking the build monolith - a story of our migration from Jenkins to GitLab and what we learned along the way

As our company grew rapidly, so did the number of components and products we needed to build, test, and integrate with each other. For quite some time, the build pipeline was considered as just another thing that has to exist and needs to be maintained. We did not invest enough in evaluating whether what we have is what we actually need. Over time, this became a completely unsustainable setup with extremely slow builds, complex maintenance issues, and a very small number of experts that could build a particular artifact - we knew something has to change.

We will be talking about
* changing how your build can in part influence the way the software is architected
* what we have learnt from the experience of migrating from one build system to the other
* What challenges we faced,
* where did we win,
* and primarily, the realization that this is as much of a cultural change as a technical one.

Finally, the talk will conclude how the experience is being applied in other areas of engineering in Ataccama.

2nd Topic

Martin Hanzík, Applifting -

“How we struggled to actually do DevOps”