Prague DevOps meetup online (September)


Hello doers,

The third online DevOps meetup is here and we are ready to welcome all DevOps enthusiasts, from Prague or elsewhere.
The structure of the session will be one main talk. And of course space for any interaction from your side.

1st topic is brought by Maria Kotlyarevskaya from Citrix (Wrike, Prague)

*DevOps cookbook: how to build a smooth process with your Devs?*

How can DevOps engineer effectively collaborate with Development teams? We will talk about the process, steps that you must include in it and how to build it from scratch. I'll tell you about pitfalls on this journey and how to actually bring cool DevOps into developers’ lives.

How to connect:
Preferred option is the link in the details section ( You can use as well if there are any issues with the connection.