Prague DevOps meetup online


Hello doers,

The second online devops meetup is here and we are ready to welcome all devops enthusiasts, from Prague or elsewhere.
The structure of the session will be similar as last time so one main talk and a second shorter one. And of course space for any interaction from your side.

1) Eduardo Piairo - Why and how to include database changes in the deployment pipeline
In the software development process, the database introduces some challenges when we want to articulate with the application development. Although different from applications, databases can and should be included in the same development process.
When all database changes can be described with scripts, version control can be applied unlocking continuous integration and continuous delivery capabilities.
In this session I will explore the database challenges of each stage of the deployment pipeline, how to use automation to make the deployment pipeline repeatable, reliable and fast, reducing the fear around database changes, and identify the different configurations of the deployment pipeline while articulating database and applications.

2) Pavel Selement - Make yourself a perfect CV: quick introduction to DevOps related buzzwords
Have you ever wonder what should be in your CV if you are looking for a DevOps related job? Let me show you some ideas that will bring the attention to you.

How to connect:
Preferred option is the link in the details section ( We will provide a youtube link closer to the event as well and you will be able to use that as a backup option.