The First Online Prague DevOps meetup


Hello doers,

After a long break we are back with DevOps related presentations and
We were trying to avoid running online events until now and not adding more to everyone's meeting fatigue but we really want to get the meetup going again. We hope to see you soon in person but in the meantime the online events will give us an option to bring some interesting speakers from abroad that otherwise would not be able to join us.

1) Kris Buytaert - GitOps, done right
Most organisations start their journey towards Continuous Delivery with their development teams, or often their web or mobile teams. I’ve seen many of these journeys fail because “ops” was not included in the picture. The organisation assumed DevOps didn’t need ops. So the team didn’t adapt, didn’t provide the right stacks, couldn’t support the tools. I’ve started a number of successful journeys with the ops teams doing Continuous Delivery of their infrastructure as code. They changed their mindset, allowing them to understand, support and onboard the development teams. This talk will document that approach with some supporting cases and examples.
Taking one step further we'll showcase how to do Continuous Delivery of your Infrastructure as Code, obviously with Open Source tools.

2) Stefan Safar - Home air quality monitoring
Since I've been sitting at home for the better part of last year, I found that getting joy out of things is getting harder and harder. Come with me explore the rabbit hole of home air quality monitoring, and why it matters to me personally.

How to connect:
Preferred option is the link in the details section ( We will provide a youtube link closer to the event as well and you will be able to use that as a backup option.