Online MLMU #13: MLOps and DataOps techniques using Databricks – Infinite Lambda B

  Machine learning

Online event - hosted on Zoom platform and streamed on YouTube.

The trend in the industry is straightforward: automatization wherever is possible. Hence the "X"Ops term is appearing at every corner. Especially in the field of Machine Learning, the lack of automatization is going to slow down drastically the development. There are more and more frameworks to tackle this, but there are still areas where the homework needs to be done. Creating different development environments and tests is not only going to help you in the speed but this is now essential for security reasons as well. Applying the latest DevOps best practices on the Databricks platform can be challenging, and to tackle this, skills are required from Data, ML, and DevOps areas. Infinite Lambda, a UK-based data engineering consultancy company, is going to give a talk about how to resolve the above-mentioned issues.

Marton Hubay (Co-founder, CTO @Infinite Lambda):
Marton is a passionate data professional. Before he founded Infinite Lambda, he had been working as a data consultant, helping clients from small startups to Fortune 500 companies with their data-related problems. He started as a Software Engineer and then he consciously built his career towards being a Data and Machine Learning Engineer. At Infinite Lambda apart from the technology decisions, he focuses to provide his engineers the best environment for self-development and learning.
In his spare time family is the most important, but also he is a passionate traveler.

Priyan Chandrapala (ML engineer @Infinite Lambda):
Priyan is enthusiastic about all things Big Data and AI.
Before joining Infinite Lambda as a Data and ML Engineer Priyan had a career with Accenture where he worked with top-tier Investment Banks.
Priyan has experience working in large-scale digital transformation projects as well as startups involving Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning.
In his spare time, Priyan likes traveling, taking part in Kaggle competitions, reading about investing and phycology

Nikolay Vaklinov (DevOps Engineer @Infinite Lambda)
He is extremely passionate about DevOps, Data Engineering, ML, and AI trends.
At Infinite Lambda, He is a senior DataOps engineer, and his daily tasks include applying DevOps principles to Data Analytics.
He has a strong background in networking, server management, cloud, and automation. He is highly experienced in building organizational cloud architectures from scratch on GCP, AWS, and Azure. I have also automated deployments via different CI/CD solutions.
In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and most of all studying and testing new technologies.

Language: English

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