Reactive Online Meetup | Frontend Skill-up

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Connection optional data into strongly typed components using TS
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Typescript is very useful when it comes to developer confidence and speed of development if done right. We started adopting Typescript in our codebase and encountered a problem where data from the Redux state might be potentially undefined. There were multiple ways how to resolve this. One option was to override the type and enforce it when returned from Redux. We have decided to solve the problem more generically. We will take a look at the advantages and drawbacks of a few solutions including our chosen one.
Jakub has a wide variety of skills. He transitioned from backend technologies to frontend and started a game studio in the meanwhile. He believes Typescript will be the number one language in upcoming years for the web.
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Seven Deadly Sins of Resource Hints
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With each popular technology, comes a rosy side everyone is quick to discuss, and a less than pleasant side where code gets unpredictable and the theories you learned in school no longer match up with reality. In the Seven Deadly Sins of Resource Hints, we will take a deep dive into all the issues that developers can encounter while using these instructions. Together, we will shine some light on the dark side of Resource Hints to help you come full-circle in your performance journey. This is a practical talk for all levels and will offer something to learn for experts, juniors, and everyone in between. Enjoy the ride!
Leonardo is a Staff Software Engineer at Coinbase, leading web performance and growth initiatives. He curates the NGRome Conference. Leo also maintains the Perfume.js library, which helps companies prioritize roadmaps and make better business decisions through performance analytics.
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18.55 Letโ€™s all connect and check if our wifi can hold the crowd
19.00 Meetup kick-off
21.00 Online SLACK networking
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Stay home. Stay safe. And, stay connected to the community.
We realize our meetups and gatherings were not just about the high-quality content talks but mostly about the post networking and discussions you could lead with like-minded developers. We are planning on keeping the Slack channel for communication about all of our following online meetups, your one on one communication, and hope it will be the meeting point of our online community.
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