DartUP 2020


The only conference about Dart and Flutter both in Russian and in English.

Všem Dart and Flutter developerům a fanouškům. Rád bych vás pozvala na naši DartUP konferenci, která se uskuteční 5 DEC. Zaregistrujte se na https://dartup.ru/2295310/

What is DartUP?

Four years ago we created DartRu — a Russian-speaking community, which was officially recognized by Google. And we’ve now hosted DartUP, the only Dart and Flutter conference in Russia, for the fourth year in a row. Last year, 450+ developers participated in the conference and 14 speakers gave presentations in both Russian and English in two halls.

This year, DartUP is back but in an online format. There will be two streams of talks about Dart and Flutter: one in Russian and the other in English. The online format allows us to disregard borders, time zones, and difficulties with logistics, so we invited the most interesting speakers
to share news about the Dart ecosystem and their practical experience. Despite being online, we’ll try to maintain the warm and casual atmosphere of the previous DartUP conferences and the welcoming
spirit of our community.