Online MLMU #8b: Sentiment Analysis for Social Media – Jan Rus

  Machine learning

The meetup will be hosted online - using Zoom platform (and streamed at YouTube).

Sentiment analysis is an automated process of recognition of how an audience feels towards any given subject mostly from written language. The result of this process is a classification of the texts into 3 classes: positive, neutral and negative. It is one of the most demanded classification tools exploiting artificial intelligence in the marketing field in general.

At Socialbakers, we developed a sentiment analysis system fine-tuned to social media. Our customers use this system to process 150 M social media messages in a number of different languages every day and we would like to share our approach and findings with you in this presentation.

Jan Rus graduated in Computer Graphics at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen where he also worked as a Scientific Researcher for 5 years. After leaving academia, Jan became a founding member of the research team at Socialbakers, where he currently works as a Senior Researcher. At Socialbakers, Jan is mostly responsible for the design, research and development of core product features exploiting big data analysis and machine learning techniques. Creation of concepts and bringing them from concepts to working prototypes and implementations. When not working for Socialbakers, Jan cooperates with various startups helping them to solve data-related problems.

Language: English

- Talk
- Discussion
- Networking (Zoom)

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