Online MLMU #6: Under the Hood of Smart Quarantine: Data and Memory Maps

  Machine learning

Join our last meetup before summer break!

The meetup will be hosted online - using Zoom platform (and streamed at YouTube).

One of the key parts of the Czech smart quarantine system is the data-driven process of memory maps which help epidemiologists identify risky encounters of COVID infected in a more reliable way by using telco and bank data. The authors of the system from the COVID19CZ voluntary initiative will explain how this unique system built around user consent works and what were the main challenges that the team was facing – a mix of high politics, complex data integration with 15+ large telcos and banks and the process of adoption of new technologies in the public healthcare system.

Petr Bednařík – a member of the COVID19CZ „nine“ leadership group responsible for the project of using banking data to fight COVID, founder and data science architect at DataSentics
Ondřej Tomas – a member of the COVID19CZ „nine“ leadership group responsible for memory maps, Clevermaps founder and geo-data expert
Vojta Tůma – the main technical architect of memory map system and head of development at Keboola