Online MLMU #5: AI technology works differently from our brains – Danko Nikolić

  Machine learning

The meetup will be hosted online - using Zoom platform (and streamed at YouTube).

Reading popular literature, one may think that Deep Learning and other AI technologies work in similar ways. This is far from true. In my talk, I will explain a number of key differences on how we humans get to be intelligent and how this is achieved by AI technology. One may be surprised.

About speaker:
Danko is brain and mind scientist and AI practitioner and visionary. He led for many years a lab at Max Planck Institute for Brain Research. He is foremost interested in
i) closing the mind-body explanatory gap, and
ii) using that knowledge to improve machine learning and AI.

His work on brain research at Max Planck Institute led me to develop the theory of hierarchical adaptations (aka practopoiesis). From there he proposed the concept of AI-Kindergarten — a method for creation of biological like artificial intelligence. Also, a few years back he introduced the concept of ideasthesia. Most recently he is active in applied machine learning and AI.

Videos and post about his work can be found on his personal web site
Danko’s LinkedIn profile: