February DevOps Meetu


Christopher Maneu - Scaling DevOps
DevOps is commonly known as the union of people, process, and products and a way to enable continuous delivery of value to customers. Many teams are experimenting with these principles at scale — but how do you go from a handful of people to scaling it to the whole company?
In this talk, we’ll explore four critical components for bringing DevOps practices to your wider organization: customer listening, teams, quality, and deployment.

David Becvarik - DevOps success or failure?
DevOps, Agile and other buzzwords are repeated like mantras, pretending that they can solve anything. Can we find a pragmatic engineering approach to them? Let's think together what were the drivers behind these movements. But we will not get stuck there. Let’s analyze some examples of common pitfalls and failures and create a framework on how to measure if DevOps is delivering any value or just complicating your processes.