Josef Starýchfojtů: Advanced FP in F# (Workshop)


We would like to invite you to our very first FShaping Functional Programming workshop.

==== Basic information ====

Workshop is planned for 3 hours.
We will start at 18:00! (Watch out! NOT 19:00 as usually.)
There is attendee RSVP limit 15 people (+2 organizers).
We will contact you upfront to discuss setup of your noteboks (this is BYOD workshop).
Workshop will be in English.
As always, there is no entry fee.
This time we will be at the biggest room in Pracovna (straight on from entrance) to have proper comfort for writing F#.

==== Agenda ====

Stage 1: Domain modeling
- strong typing
- aliasy
- no cyclic dependencies

Stage 2: Domain functions (pure functions on domain, no technology involved)
- pure domain, no IO
- lenses

Stage 3: Use cases
- error handling
- explicitely passing interfaced environment
- this stage will be ugly on purpose

Stage 4: Reader
- introduction to Reader monad
- will still be pretty ugly

Stage 5: ZIO
- this stage will cleanup the previous ones with ZIO like monad

Stage 6: Real world
- validation with applicatives
- implementing API
- implementing data access

Stage 7: Testing (optional)
- showcase of how easy is to test this
- property based testing