Women Techmakers Brno Meetup #1 — Agile

GDG Brno is happy to present to you a chapter of Women Techmakers community in Brno. We’d like to invite you to the first meetup of Women Techmakers Brno, dedicated to Agile. We will talk about the ways Agile practices can help your team — and you — perform better and get things done in shorter terms.

This meetup's topic:
Success Factors: Why am I using Scrum or Kanban
When people talk about Agile, two of the most popular words that are associated with it are Scrum and Kanban. How did this happen when the Agile Manifesto is a set of values and principles that never prescribed fixed rules to follow? After working with many teams, there were common factors that enabled success regardless of which framework was being used. Those factors are built into the Scrum and Kanban processes. In this talk we will go over what the success factors are, why they are effective, and how Scrum and Kanban have built them into their processes.
The five success factors we have identified are:
- Transparency of current work (kanban or scrum board)
- Understand team priorities (grooming, top to bottom in kanban)
- Understanding scope of work and why (acceptance criteria, descriptions)
- Improving the way you actually work (retro, kaizen)
- Scoping work so you can see progress along the way (sprints, work in progress limits)

Dominika Bula — Agile practitioner at Red Hat. She now works with Red Hat Enterprise Linux engineering teams, enabling their Agile transformation. Dominika joined Red Hat in 2018 following work in project management and service management with Moravia IT and Acer. Originally from Poland, Dominika now lives in Brno, Czech Republic, working at Red Hat's largest engineering site. Follow her on Twitter as @domibula or read her articles in OpenSource.com.
Hina Popal — Agile Practitioner at Red Hat. She currently focuses on coaching teams to use the Agile mindset when defining and delivering their work in distributed environments. Before Red Hat, Hina worked in the public sector as a Systems Engineer and Business Analyst while pursuing her passion for Agility to avoid process related bottlenecks. She is always on the quest for creating great team environments and great coffee. Follow her on Twitter: @hi_popal

18:00 — open doors
18:30 — welcome words from Women Techmakers and GUG
18:40 — Success Factors: Why am I using Scrum or Kanban by Dominika Bula and Hina Popal
19:30 — Questions to speakers & networking

Please note the talk will be in English.

This meetup is supported by GUG.cz and FlowUp.

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