Édgar Sánchez Gordón: WebAssembly and FsBolero


These days WebAssembly gets a lot of attention as an alternative/complement to JavaScript for building smart UIs that run inside a browser. In this talk we'll show what WebAssembly is about, its architecture, possibilities and limitations. Then we will show FsBolero, a set of libraries and tools that allows to write interactive Web UIs using F#, getting the functional code compiled into WebAssembly. Come to see this code filled presentation to see if F#, Bolero, and WebAssembly are the right mix for your next project!

About Édgar:
Six lustrums developing commercial apps ( Pascal, C, PowerBuilder, Lotus Notes, Java, C#, TypeScript, F#). In love with functional programming since learning LISP in college. Of late also active in big data and analytics with tools like DataBricks, Power BI, and ML.NET. Co-founder and CEO at Logic Studio and NetBy, software houses with offices in Ecuador and Panama, and customers in Latin America and the United States. Microsoft Regional Director for Latin America for over 15 years. Member of the F# Foundation and .NET Foundation. Beginner trail runner and triathlonist.