Two talks night: Karel Šťastný & Zaid Ajaj


One night, two amazing F# talks including community guest star and member of F# Software Foundation Board of Trustees Zaid Ajaj!

Karel Šťasný's talk: Azure Functions

Azure Functions are Microsoft's version of serverless compute. They are an Azure service that enables you to run code without explicitly provisioning or managing infrastructure. You need neither physical nor virtual servers, not even containers to run them. Just you and the code. And your Azure account. Karel will show you scenarios where Azure Functions can simplify your life as a developer but also how and when they can (sometimes) complicate it. You will see when it is useful to consider using them, how can you go about implementing them and what problems you might encounter along the way.

Zaid Ajaj's talk: Understanding bindings of React components in Fable

Elmish has become the de-facto library for building front-end applications in Fable. Under the hood, Elmish uses React as the main engine to build the user interface and render it on screen. Because of this, we can utilise the entirety of the React ecosystem and re-use the existing components in our Elmish applications as Fable bindings. In this talk, Zaid will walk you through the process of building such bindings and integrating them in our applications by means of Fable's interop capabilities.