Demystifying Chart Types and Report Design Principles in Power BI

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Hi everybody, this time we will have another MVP visiting Prague and talking about Power BI. Use this unique opportunity to meet Reid Havens.

Topic: Demystifying Chart Types and Report Design Principles in Power BI

Speaker: Reid Havens


Knowing the right visuals, DAX, and design to build out a professional scorecard report can be challenging. Leverage native and custom visuals, DAX calculations, and design practices to build out a quality Power BI scorecard template to use for your business. The scorecard talk will be broken down into three sections. Section one will cover the basics of the report design by leveraging a DAX calculated table inside a Matrix Table visual. Section two will cover DAX measures, KPIs, and conditional formatting. The final section three will cover custom visual sparklines, and design practices to clean up the report for delivery to the client.

Reid's bio:

Reid is the founder of Havens Consulting Inc. and is a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP). He has an extensive background in technology and organizational management, and has obtained a Master's Degree in Organizational Development and Business Analytics. He has experience as a consultant working with many Fortune 50, 100, and 500 companies. Additionally, he teaches Business Intelligence, reporting, and data visualization courses at the University of Washington and other universities.

Reid is also an avid content developer. He has authored numerous videos and articles on multiple video platforms and blog sites. He has also developed multiple training curriculums that have been delivered to numerous companies around the world. In addition to corporate trainings, he has also developed college level curriculum for the University of Washington and other universities.