Workshop – UI audit of – May 2019, Brno


In this workshop, you will understand how to use a UI audit when building a unified design system from existing website. We'll be reviewing website and after this workshop, we'll have a solid base for setting up a roadmap.

The workshop is free, but the spots are limited to 25 participants. Please, sign up only when you know you'll really come. We'll be working in groups of five and it's essential we keep this setup.

The workshop will be facilitated by Honza Toman, Design System Lead at

In the workshop, Honza will explain:
- why is the UI audit an essential step in the process,
- which parts of the website are crucial to be audited and how does this selection affect the scope of a new design system,
- who should be included in an internal workshop when you decide to build a design system
- what tools can help to get useful data about colors or how to audit typography,
- how to use audit findings for setting the priorities of your next steps,
- how to present outputs of the UI audit to the stakeholders to get the buy-in for your design system.